Common Heritage – Divided Country

posterEuropean Heritage Congress 11-15 May 2017 Turku
13th May 2017, University of Turku, Finland

3.     Cases of Human Rights and Legislation
Venue: Agora XXII

Chairs: Peter Collins, Chairman of Europa Nostra UK & Anita Vaivade, Docent, Latvian Academy of Culture (Latvia)
“The legislative example of Latvia”, Anita Vaivade
“Common Heritage – Divided Country”   The Acheiropoietos  Monastery in Cyprus, Alessandro Camiz, International Centre for Heritage Studies, Girne American University, Cyprus
“Sami Heritage”, “Sámi Cultural Heritage”, Eeva-Kristiina Harlin, Doctoral Researcher, Giellagas Institute, Finland
“Participatory legislation in the U.K.”, Peter Collins.



Inhabiting the Limit

banner2Faculty of Architecture, Design & Fine Arts, Department of Interior Architecture, International Centre for Heritage Studies, Girne American University
ARC102, ARC201, ARC202, INT201, INT202


2017 Spring Festival Design Charrette

Inhabiting the Limit

May 8th-12th 2017, 9.00-16.00, Faculty of Architecture Design and Fine Arts, ADA102, ADA 305

The notion of limit in architecture implies that of spatial enclosure. Spatial enclosure causes limitation in perception, thus the perception of the enclosure is generally limited in un-trained designers. The workshop will explore with lectures the notion of limit in architecture, encouraging students to apply the findings to their ongoing design projects. Students will be working on their studio assignment within a different perspective, that of the notion of limit. The workshop consists of a series of lectures, and a 4 days charrette. Students will be producing an A3 colour drawing.  Participants will receive a certificate of attendance. There will be an exhibition of the final works. Participation is open to students of Architecture and Interior Architecture.

Sylvat Aziz
Alessandro Bruccoleri
Alessandro Camiz
Carmelo Cascino
Valentina Donà
Ehsan Daneshyar
Main Abu Shaika
Shabang Rahman
Nargiz Babayeva




Monday May 8th ADA102

9.00                 Charrette presentation

9.30                 Lecture: Sylvat Aziz, Limiting interpretation

Lecture: Valentina Donà, In praise of the limit

10.30 13.00     Charrette

14.00-16.00     Charrette


Tuesday May 9th ADA305

9.00                 Lecture: Alessandro Camiz, Type and Model: defining the limit

Lecture: Alessandro Bruccoleri, Enclosing small villages

10.00 13.00     Charrette

14.00-16.00     Charrette


Wednesday May 10th ADA102

9.00                 Lecture: Ehsan Daneshyar, Limiting the vernacular vault

Lecture: Main Abu Shaika, Hiding the limit, camouflage

10.00 13.00     Charrette

14.00-16.00     Charrette


Thursday May 11th ADA305

9.00                 Lecture: Carmelo Cascino, Limitation of prototypes

9.30 13.00       Charrette

14.00-16.00     Charrette


Friday May 12th

9.00-17.00, Faculty of Architecture corridors

Exhibition of the charrette drawings will be organised by the students.