Documenting archaeological artefacts with digital close range photogrammetry

A cylindrical stone base, apparently of Roman times, is placed on the ground in a tiny public garden next to the entrance to the bridge connecting the ticket office with the Kyrenia Castle in Kyrenia, Cyprus. We made a photographic survey processing the pictures with a digital close range photogrammetric software, resulting in a dense point cloud. The process is illustrated here below.

a1Fig. 1 The location of the stone base (Google Maps, 2018).
0Fig. 2 The photographic survey, camera: Sony DSC-W730, 16.1 Megapixels.
1Fig. 3 The sparse point cloud with the pictures’ viewpoints.
2Fig. 4 The raw dense point cloud.
3Fig 5 The edited dense point cloud.
D__3d_scan_base_kyrenia_BASE Layout1 (1)_1Fig. 6 Plan, section and elevation (A. Camiz, 2018).