Interior Architecture Seminar: «Ars Simia Naturae»


Interior Architecture Seminar

Friday seminars #2

«Ars Simia Naturae»

Friday 21/10/16, 11.00-13.00
Millennium Senate Congress Hall
Girne American University

Prof. Dr. Kutsal Öztürk
Rector, Girne American University

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Senem Zeybekoğlu Sadri
Director of Graduate Institute, Girne American University

Assist. Prof. Dr. Alessandro Camiz
(Head of Interior Architecture Department, Girne American University)
Ancient models and modern design: the curule seat
Kim Bennett
(Lecturer, Interior Architecture Department, Girne American University)
Charles Rennie Mackintosh: the tea-room in Glasgow
Dr. Carmelo Cascino
(Lecturer Interior Architecture Department, Girne American University)
Interior boat design

The text quoted in the seminar’s title «Ars simia naturae» derives from Giovanni Boccaccio,Genealogia deorum gentilium, published in 1360, and it literaly means «Art monkey nature». It represents here not only a reference to a specific historical period, the ‘300, but also the use of models in art and design. How could we apply the “models” to the design of interior spaces? Is there any interesting relationship between meaning and models? Which is the importance of history in teaching design? Which is the most effective teaching philosophy for design? These are some of the questions that the lectures will raise proposing them to the entire Faculty of Architecture, Design & Fine Arts of Girne American University.

Organization, Assist. Prof. Dr. Esra Plumer Bardak
Phd Student, Alessandro Bruccoleri
Interior Architecture Seminar